Ecological Dishwasher Power Gel

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Ecological dishwasher gel with nanosilver will make your dishes well-groomed and shiny. No more sediment from harmful, chemical substances that are dangerous to you and the environment. Thanks to the consistency of the gel and the unique formula containing natural ingredients and nanosilver with antibacterial properties, your dishes will remain shiny, free of streaks and your dishwasher will be tidy. Wash up effectively and safely!

Why use me?

  • I am ecological, I do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Thanks to me you will take care of the environment.
  • I am a dirt and grease conqueror.
  • I will shine your dishes beautifully.
  • I am very efficient.
  • I contain nanosilver with antibacterial properties.

Which items can we wash in the dishwasher?

We can wash most of the daily used dishes in the dishwasher: plates, glasses and pots. In the case of delicate glass glasses, you only need to make sure that they are securely placed, otherwise, under water pressure, they may tip over and break.

What must not be washed in the dishwasher?

Do not put hand-decorated dishes in the dishwasher, especially ceramics or porcelain, wooden accessories, as well as delicate crystals or lead glass dishes. Also, tableware decorated with gold or silver requires hand washing.

Pour 20 ml of gel (about 2/3 of the container capacity) into the tablet container inside the dishwasher. For heavily soiled dishes, fill the entire reservoir with gel.

5 – 15% non-ionic surfactants, lemongrass aromatic oil (contains: citral), sweet orange aromatic oil (contains: limonene), enzyme, colloidal silver.

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