1. How can I become a Livioon Business Partner?
    You can become a Livioon Business Partner by selecting on-line registration: https://sklep.livioon.com/register/
    Follow the instructions when completing the application.
  2. Who can become a Livioon Business Partner?
    A Livioon partner can be:
    a) a natural person who is at least 16 years old
    b) a legal person
    c) an organizational unit with legal capacity that will be recommended by a Consultant (sponsor) participating in the sales network or will submit an offer to Livioon to conclude the Consultant Agreement by completing the online registration form on the website. The condition of joining the Livioon sales network is signing the Consultant Agreement and purchasing the Starter Kit
  3. Do I need a sponsor?
    Yes, every Livioon Business Partner must have its sponsor.
  4. How to find a sponsor?
    A sponsor is a person who recommended you cooperation with Livioon and whose login or ID you provide when registering. If you do not know any Livioon Business Partner, please contact our Customer Service Office at (12) 352 22 20 or by sending an e-mail to: info@livioon.com Our consultants will contact you with the sponsor in your nearest area.
  5. Who is the sponsor?
    The person who invites you to the affiliate program. The sponsor is obliged to „introduce” you to the Livioon structure, help you in your first steps and ultimately support you until you take the „wind in your sails”.
  6. What is a starter?
    It is a professional set of samples of selected Livioon Products together with training and advertising materials, enclosed in an elegant briefcase. His purchase allows to start cooperation and build his own structure in Livioon.
  1. What is the commission plan?
    The commission plan is one of the most important documents in Livioon. This is where are saved all the earning opportunities you get when starting cooperation with Livioon. The plan will help you to develop your career, learn the rules for paying commissions and calculating discounts.
  2. Who is Consultant / Leader / Business Partner?
    This is a person cooperating with LIVIOON, developing his business based on the Commission Plan.
  3. What is the Consultant Agreement?
    Contract with a Business Partner means a contract (including any terms included or attached to this contract) between Livioon and the Livioon Business Partner by which you become the official Business Partner of the Livioon Company. The contract does not oblige you to make regular purchases.
  4. Who is the sponsor?
    A person who invites you to an affiliate program. The sponsor is obliged to introduce you into Livioon’s structure, guide you in your first steps and ultimately support you until you get a „wind in the sails”.
  5. What is my structure / Sales structure / Sales network?
    A group of consultants founded by you, in the way that every consultant (sponsor) sponsors another consultant who sponsors the next one and so on.
  6. What are the Branches?
    A group of consultants within your structure, starting with a consultant sponsored in the first Line directly under the Sponsor.
  1. How can I buy products if I am not a Livioon Business Partner?
    The easiest way to order products is through Business Partner friend that he will deliver the order to you. You can also buy cheaper by registering at Livioon (HERE) and shopping with a discount directly in our online store.
  2. Are Livioon products tested on animals? (how are they tested if not on animals)
    We do not test (and have never done it) cosmetics on animals. In addition, we require confirmation from our suppliers that the raw materials they provide to us have not been tested on animals. We are against animal testing of cosmetics. We believe in safe and effective alternative tests, in accordance with the guidelines of the Cosmetics Act, which guarantee product safety.
  3. Why are not you in PETA list?
    Carrying out cosmetic tests on animals is prohibited in Europe since March 11, 2013, and all our products are made in Poland. Hence, we do not test the formulas of our products on animals and we do not need any PETA-like label to confirm this.
  4. Where are the INCI products in the livioon.com online store?
    Cosmetic ingredients (INCI) are found next to each product. Go to the page of the product you are interested in. INCI can be found in the ingredients tab.
  5. The glycerin you use is natural?
    Yes, the glycerin we use in the cosmetics production comes from fats and vegetable oils.
  6. Are Livioon products suitable for all skin types?
    Our cosmetics have been developed in such a way as to meet the requirements of the most demanding skins. Thanks to rebuilding, soothing and antioxidant ingredients, they strengthen the skin protective barrier and defend against the harmful effects of external factors. Their rich formulas provide the skin with everything it needs: the ingredients of the products supplement the level of lipids, preventing water loss through the skin and keeping it perfectly moisturized and soft.
  7. Why do perfume oils come from Grasse?
    We import fragrances from Grasse (France) because we are sure that they come from the most well-known oil producers in the world. Grasse is the heart of the world perfume capital.
  8. Why are three fragrance notes marked on all fragrances?
    This is called the scent pyramid. A reference to the pyramid can be found in every perfume description. This is a great convenience for customers when choosing fragrances. The pyramid allows you to better understand their essence – primarily development in time, because each of the notes has a different time of oxidation and action.
    head note – also called the opening note, are the most volatile fragrances that evaporate a few minutes after application. It is this fragrance that we will feel the strongest immediately after use, hence it is very important when choosing and selling perfumes. The head note consists mainly of citruses, other fruits and herbs.
    heart note – also called middle or cordial, forms the core of the fragrance and is felt for several hours. This chord usually has spicy and floral aromas and is less intense than the head note.
    base note – is the heaviest, most long-lasting because it is made of substances with the lowest level of volatility. The base is not too intense, but gives the character of the composition. The base accord uses such substances as musk, amber, forest resins and civet.
  1. What are the forms of delivery of the products?
    Our offer includes four delivery options:
    a) DHL courier company
    b) InPost – parcel machines
    c) InPost – courier
    d) Personal pickup at the company’s headquarters
  2. What are the delivery costs?
    Shipping costs depend on the value of the products ordered and the chosen delivery method.
    If the order value is 290.00 PLN or higher – the shipment is free of charge. If your order is below this amount, the costs will be as follows:
    a) DHL and InPost courier company: PLN 18.00 (in case of prepayment and collection)
    b) InPost – parcel machines: 8.00 PLN for orders from 150.00-289.99 and 15.00 PLN for orders from 0.00-149.99 PLN (it is not possible to make a prepayment if this option is selected)
  3. What is the delivery date?
    The term of the contract depends on the selected method of payment. Orders with the form of payment: PayU, are sent for processing immediately after placing the order, while orders with the form of payment: traditional transfer, are sent for processing after the payment has been credited to Our Account.
  4. What is the delivery time of the products I ordered?
    All orders are sent from our company’s central warehouse in Modlniczka near Kraków, via DHL and InPost couriers. The maximum time needed to deliver a package to a customer is about 3 business days. However, 99% of shipments are delivered on the next business day.
  5. Will the courier contact me before delivery?
    Couriers are not required to contact the recipient before delivery, which is why we cannot guarantee it. In fact, it is an individual matter of each forwarder, but usually the courier calls the recipient on the day of delivery (usually in the morning) to confirm the possibility of receiving the package.
  6. Can I get information about the location of the package sent to me?
    At the time of handing over the parcel to the courier company DHL or InPost Parcel Locker, in the customer panel, the settlement tab / order history, entering the order, there is a link to track the parcel in the upper corner. If you choose the Courier InPost option – the link will not be attached.
    Depending on the delivery method you have chosen, you will additionally receive:
    a) an email from DHL about the status of your shipment
    b) an email from InPost Courier about the status of your shipment
    c) an email from InPost the status of your parcel in its delivery to a parcel locker.
    Regardless of which delivery method you have chosen, you can check where your shipment is at any time. Remember that if you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact our Customer Service.
  7. What should I do if the courier arrived with the package and I was not at home?
    The courier should once again resume delivery to the indicated address. This option is guaranteed by the forwarder. Of course, this does not involve any additional fees for the recipient. If the courier tried to deliver the parcel several times and did not find you at home, please contact our Customer Service – we will clarify the situation.
  8. What documents should be included in the package?
    We attach a receipt or VAT invoice to the shipment (if the customer has indicated that he wants to receive such a document when placing the order). Remember, that you can always choose the ecological option and then you will receive an electronic receipt, saved on your user account.

Do you have more questions? We are happy to answer them! Call: +48 12 352 22 20 or write: info@livioon.com

Do you have more questions? We are happy to answer them!
Call: +48 12 352 22 20 or write: info@livioon.com

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