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Now you can get the freedom to make your dreams come true. If you would like to change your work, discover a new dimension of everyday life and undergo a personal metamorphosis, Livioon gives you this opportunity. As an independent Business Partner, you have the opportunity to run a business that will support your current way of living or create a completely new lifestyle you have always wanted. The decision is yours! With our support and your determination, you will achieve exactly what you want.

Livioon’s strength is direct sales, otherwise known as multi-level marketing (MLM). It consists in offering customers goods or services without using the intermediation of specialized distributors and outside permanent retail outlets. It means you are the helm, ship and sailor! You can make product presentations anywhere: at your home, at work or wherever you like. Thanks to this, you use the power of recommendations and allow your customers to easily buy products that interest them. You shorten the path from producer to consumer by creating a sales network based on personal, often friendly contacts. And that’s how effective business is done! And we will help you build it.

It doesn’t matter if you need extra money for small expenses or you dream about financial freedom.

With Livioon, you set your goals and decide the pace of achieving them. Thanks to various forms of cooperation, high-quality products, professional training materials, as well as your own online store and marketing help, you will build a business with us on your own terms.


We offer our partners more than fair remuneration for their commitment. We design positive experiences. Unique events or great, distant travels with Livioon are already waiting for you!

What will you get by joining to Livioon?

Build your own team and become a Livioon leader! Manage your work time flexibly and earn exactly as much as you want thanks to unlimited possibilities. It is time for you, like our leaders, to enter the path of financial independence.

Register today and receive access to online training materials and support from experienced Livioon leaders. With our help, your actions can be effective from day one!

We are here to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals and dreams – and you can implement them faster than you think. We provide you with advice and support at every step and … protect against boredom! We appreciate your commitment, that’s why we’ve designed interesting contests and incentive programs that will bring new challenges and … amazing prizes. Details can be found in your back office package.

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