Professional Shower Cleaner

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Cleaning of shower cubicles easier than ever! It perfectly removes dirt, soap and limescale deposits as well as stains appearing on the surface of shower cabins. Spray our professional shower liquid wherever you want to remove limescale and stains, then rinse. Effect? A smooth, shiny surface in your shower enclosure!

Why use me?

  • for the crystal shine of glass surfaces in your bathroom
  • for forgetting about stains and limescale on the fittings with it
  • for efficiency thanks to its concentrated formula
  • for not only taking care of your bathroom, but also being ecological and biodegradable with active ingredients, and also for the safety of our planet

What can I clean?

  • shower cabins
  • bathtub screens
  • stains on the bathtub
  • water streaks
  • soap scum

Spray the liquid on the dirty surface. Then wipe with a sponge and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

<5% anionic surfactants, <5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance (linalool).

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