We value modernity and build a tradition of quality.

Since 2014, we’ve been creating excellent products that conquered the hearts of thousands of users thanks to their commitment. Our exclusive perfumes, natural cosmetics for face and body care, hair cosmetics, dietary supplements and home products make you want to get them over and over again. Today our offer includes nearly 150 unique products.

Livioon professional product lines are:

We understand that cosmetics based on natural active ingredients provide the most comprehensive, safe and skin-friendly care. That’s why we create them – drawing from the source of nature.

The highest quality of products, continuous improvement and responding to the needs of customers make Livioon satisfied users come quickly. Our offer is ahead of trends. The effects can be seen in the palm of your hand – this is a steady and stable growth of the brand, which occupies a special place in the hearts of subsequent recipients.

We know where we are going and which journey we want to take our customers to. We have a mission that sets the direction for us.

We don’t compromise when it comes to standards. We fully focus on the client to ensure his luxury every day. Connecting people and improving their quality of life is inscribed in the Livioon DNA, because people who are our greatest asset. It is for our Business Partners and Leaders operating in Poland and throughout Europe and for our hundreds of thousands of clients that we are constantly developing, improving our portfolio and creating ideal conditions for business development.

Livioon’s vision is a better world in which new experiences will be created thanks to innovative products. We want to become Europeans’ favorite brand known for innovative cosmetics through focused activities. We focus on creativity, cooperation with experts, sharing values with our partners and clients. The result of our passion are excellent products. However, this is not all – we want to discover new areas of cooperation, building long-lasting values, constantly developing and improving them. At Livioon, we face challenges and we turn them into new opportunities.

From the combination of LIFE – life, and OO – infinity, our brand, LIVIOON was born, which means an endless life. It is a reflection of the desire to consciously and responsibly shape your relationship with the world and other people. Thanks to the possibility of conscious selection of high quality products, our skin receives a wonderful injection of minerals and vitamins. We then have the certainty that we use products specially made for our demanding complexion – dermatologically tested and providing adequate protection.

The combination of the highest quality products and innovative business opportunities makes Livioon one of the fastest growing companies on the network marketing market in Poland and Europe today.

From an idea to a strong brand – this is the story of exclusive cosmetics that have won the hearts of thousands of people.

Almost thirty years of experience of people working on the success of the Livioon mask combined with courage and awareness of very good quality products give a chance for international success. The dynamic development of the production and sales industry initiated the birth of a new brand made in European Union.

Quality above all

Livioon is based on two pillars: business partnership and excellent products. Our primary goal is to provide high quality products that meet the requirements and the customer’s needs. At the same time, it is important for us to optimally coexist with the natural environment and constantly raise our standards.

Stable growth and dynamic expansion

A simple business concept theory took up to two years to fully bloom in practice. Each Livioon product has undergone a process of objective evaluation and intensive improvement. Tests carried out with the participation of several hundred of people under the watchful eye of independent experts have resulted in perfumes tailored to the most demanding customers. It was only when the highest quality products were developed that Livioon saw the day light.

The official launch date of Livioon was June 1, 2014 – so you can say that the company was born under a lucky star. There is something to it – sales results from the very beginning reflected what customers have discovered much earlier: excellent quality and affordable prices can go hand in hand. Livioon maintains stable and systematic development, and also dynamic growth of Partners. What else could you want?

Another challenge we set up for ourselves is further expansion to other European markets – because a good product should be shared. Soon more countries will have a chance to check how the success of Livioon smells like!

We are proud of our care for the natural environment and supporting social ideas. We are involved in the activities of the local community in whose lives we would like to active and responsibly participate. We combine this pro-social attitude with honest business based on ethical principles.

In Livioon, effective Corporate Social Responsibility measures not only quantifiable support for those in need, but also inspiration to take interesting and valuable initiatives. We believe that selfless help makes our lives better.

At Livioon, we are guided by our values’ compass. It is through this prism that we work for our joint success, our leaders and clients throughout Europe. We set a strategic goal, which is boldly strengthening the current position of the brand and guaranteeing our company further, systematic growth.

We focus our development plan on:

We strive for development. We consistently follow our value compass, which has brought us not only our recipients’ trust, but also many prestigious titles, certificates and awards. This confirms our professionalism and commitment as well as acts as a proof of the highest quality of Livioon products and innovation of our recipes.

The recognition of the industry motivates us to further development, but it is the respect and sympathy of our business partners and customers that are our first priority. We are becoming better and better for them – so that they can proudly confirm that they have made the best choice.

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