Lukasz, how did you first learned about Livioon and how did you started in network marketing?

My mom told be about Livioon. I always say that we run a family business. I’m very grateful for that.My beginnings were a little difficult. I wasn’t fully convinced by the company until I went to a training and started to use perfumes. I smelled nice and I like it, because when you are 16, you don’t always have money for such things. I just wanted to go and eat out or, I don’t know, buy a PlayStation game every now and then. When I went to training I smelled of such an exclusive fragrances, I had never have an occasion to use them before, because how to afford it when you’re 16? And it wasn’t my concern. People came to me, I didn’t look for them, they found me. It started with simple orders. Then they started to ask me how to do it? How to join the company? I was showing them various opportunities, not everyone was interested whether I sold those perfumes, earn money for some small expenses.

What has changed in your life thanks to Livioon?

First and foremost, I met new people. I have an access to many exclusive products that I otherwise could not afford. Now thinking forward, I don’t have to worry about what I will do next year, how will I finance it. I don’t have to ask my parents for money, because I can earn them myself. I already think what’s going to come next. I observe how the company is growing, what is my current position in it, what opportunities it gives me, and I plan my future with it.

About your position, what is your best memory with Livioon?

A month and a half ago I was celebrating my 18th birthday. And without having a driver’s licence, I got a car from Livioon. It just shows the opportunity it gives young people like me. And the fact that I earned this car, that’s true. I owe it mostly to people that built this whole thing with me, but the best moment was when I saw my parents are proud. And everyone that had helped me led me to getting my dream car.

You are a great role model for young people. Tell us what are your plans for 2019 and Livioon?

Above all, I would like to share this happiness, like e.g. company car or exotic trip, with people who build this whole thing with me. So preferably they would join me on this trip and let me drive their Mercedes.

Łukasz Jamorski

As he always says, business is just like sport – you need repetition and strong character, without it you can’t achieve your goals. He entered adulthood with experience and accomplishments that impress! Lukasz Jamorski has started working with Livioon when he was just 16 years old and now – two years later – as a young adult he achieves his dreams. Luxurious car? Travelling abroad? Lukasz proves that passion, professionalism and firm vision allow you to reach for the stars at any age… without giving up the fun!

Lukasz’s decided to study psychology in business to gain even better tools to build a business with Livioon. He has a principle that when you have fun, you should have a good one, but… you need someone to have it with – that’s why he invites his friends, „young wolves”, to work with him. He just likes to work in a good company and with positive energy! And he doesn’t even have to look for opportunities to grow his business. He just does what he loves while promoting amazing possibilities of Livioon. Lukasz shows that even… trainings of professional table tennis can grow his career. Successfully, as it seems. Working with people has become Lukasz’s passion. Who knows how far will he come with such a set of beliefs and qualities? We bet that straight to stars!

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