We have discovered a recipe for a perfect company event! Beautiful location, international bunch of leader and overall excitement – that’s how the International Livioon Conference began. And how did it end? Just as great! We were accompanied by the partners from every market of Livioon’s operations! Polish leaders were obviously the strongest representation and numerously came to Janow Podlaski. Over 200 people met in historic Bishop’s Palace, bringing so much energy that at times we thought… the walls were shaking!

Stage in a fire of… inspiration

We were also accompanied by amazing lecturers that inspired, motivated and shared their knowledge. Joanna Gawlikowska M.D. talked about a breakthrough Livioon’s product, Vita Shake, from a medical point of view and caused a barrage of questions. Long after her lecture leaders stopped by to chat about amazing abilities of our shake. Szczepan Brzeski, on the other hand, really knocked our audience out with his tale of… reaching the world’s highest top, Mount Everest! His determination, courage, vigour were a food for thought. What is stopping us from reaching our own tops, while this great man wasn’t stopped even by fear or death? There was also a mysterious appearence of a special guest who surprised our leaders. Jaroslaw Juskiewicz burst into our conference and announced his performance at next Livioon’s event – we are meeting him again in June in Warsaw.

Rain of awards

Factual and inspirational part of event infused our participants with new ideas and changed their perspective, but real emotions emerged when the prize-giving had begun. And there were lots of them! The biggest furore was caused by the biggest prizes, of course – beautiful, shiny, luxurious… Two Mercedes cars thrilled not only the winners, but also the audience.For the rest, every award for work results was deservedly celebrated. The atmosphere during handing out the statuettes and diplomas was simply divine – music was playing and the leaders, accompanied by plaudits, were proudly striding through the room to get appreciated for their engagement. Just amazing!

New members of Livioon family

Presentations of new Livioon family members were received just as enthusiastically. We introduced some fantastic products: Vita Shake, Intense perfume line, hand and shower wash and a dish soap. The audience once again burst with joy when we played two short film about our new „babies”. They are not only additional sales tools, but first and foremost – high quality products for day-to-day use that can make every day easier and… more pleasant.

Thank you!

And then the wave of fun carried us away! After celebratory dinner we danced till the crack of dawn to live music. It was dawning when the Livioon international community finally went to bed.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who was with us on this special day and who is creating Livioon’s history with us! We are so grateful for your presence, your engagement, your faith, vigour and enthusiasm. Together we can do more!

Special thanks go to our lecturers and special guests:

Patrycja Słabolepsza-Mazur Tomasz Mazur – to our awesome hosts who hosted the official part of event
Joanna Gawlikowska – amazing doctor who not only talked to us about Vita, but also took an active part in creating the first Livioon shake
Szczepan Brzeski – alpinist and businessman whose tale of difficult way to the top of the world brought the house down
Jarosław Juśkiewicz o sprzedaży – our special guest who personally invited Livioon’s leaders to Livioon Coaching Seminar in June

Let’s not forget about true stars of the evening! With a big satisfaction and pride we congratulate our leaders who went for gold. Big shout out to:

Sebastian Nadolny and Marzena Krupińska – who got the Mercedes and worked their 22% in Livioon compensation plan
Marzena Oglęcka – Vice Director
Kinga Ostrowska Marchel – Diamond Manager
Lech Mazur Małgorzata Mazur – Diamond Manager
Konstantinos Ntaskas – Diamond Manager
Andrzej Malecki – Diamond Manager
Anna Jamorska – Diamond Manager
Marta Burzyńska Bębenek – Diamond Manager
Beata Piwowarska – Diamond Manager
@Paweł Jamorski – Gold Manager
@Giorgosow Yiatrou – Gold Manager
Tarocistka Anna Kempisty – Gold Manager
Beata Morawska Świat Perfum – Beata Morawska – Gold Manager
Sławek Oglecki – Gold Manager
@Giasemi Seiki-Lionti – Gold Manager
Todor Ianev – Gold Manager
Monika Sakowska – Gold Manager
Marieta Marieta – Gold Manager
Luca Cirimbilli – Gold Manager
@Katerina Chelidonii – Gold Manager
Patrycja Słabolepsza-Mazur Tomasz Mazur – Vice Director

Congrats and thanks to Livioon Global Strategic Partners, too:

Magda Laczynska Marek Łączyński – Branch Owners: Greece – Cyprus – Romania – Bulgaria Livioon Greece & Cyprus Livioon Bulgaria Livioon Romania
Marcin Saracen – Branch Owner: Italy Livioon Italia

We hope that it’s only the beginning of legendary Livioon events! We already know that with You everything is possible… So see you on our next conference and who knows, maybe there will be thousands of us meeting there?

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