Hands are the business card of each of us, it is said that most, next to the neck, they betray our age. This is due to the fact that while we carefully take care of our facial skin, we tend to forget about our hands. Actually, at every stage of the day, our hands are exposed to a number of external factors that negatively affect their level of hydration, nutrition or epidermal continuity. Therefore, it is indisputable that we should take care of their beauty in order to enjoy beautiful skin for a longer period of time. How to do it? Below you will find advice on how to make our hands well-groomed, healthy and moisturized. 

Proper hand washing.

What harms the skin of the hands the most are the detergents used. Contrary to what you might think, we’re not talking about the ones we use in our daily chores, as we’re increasingly opting for eco-friendly cleaning products and using protective gloves, but the detergents we use to wash our skin. The biggest enemy of soft, moisturized and nourished hand skin is… classic soap. It mercilessly dries out, causing irritation and cracking of the epidermis, in addition, it negatively affects the bacterial flora and hydro-lipid layer. So it’s important to remember to use gentle cleansers that have the right ingredients and PH to care for our skin.

Hand scrubbing. 

To stimulate the regenerative mechanisms of the epidermis, it is worthwhile to perform scrubbing of the entire body, including the hands. For scrubbing, we can use ingredients we find at home – coffee, ground seeds, coarse salt, or reach for dedicated products, with the right composition, which not only remove dead skin, but properly moisturize the skin and take care of the regenerative processes of the epidermis. 

Use hand cream.

In winter you don’t need to be reminded of it, the lack of proper moisturization almost immediately results in cracking and burning hand skin. It is worth remembering that, just as during the colder months, we should regularly moisturize the skin on our hands during the rest of the year. How often? Preferably after every washing, which disrupts the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis, if this is not possible apply the cream as often as possible. Moisturization is the basis for maintaining the youthful appearance of our hands. Without properly moisturized and cared for skin, our hands will never look good.

What kind of cream to choose?

A good cream, combined with the right hand cleanser, is an absolute must for hand care. Unfortunately, finding a really good cream is not one of the easiest tasks… Most of the hand creams available on the market do more harm to our skin than good. Why? They contain short-acting substances that only superficially moisturize and often even sensitize hand skin.

New from Livioon!

A prescription for dry, sensitive and damaged hands is presented by Livioon. The latest product ULTRA REPAIR HAND CREAM addresses all the needs of hand skin. Not only moisturizing the skin, but also rebuilding the water-lipid barrier of the epidermis, nourishing and regenerating. Vitamin E and shea butter contained in the cream have an anti-aging and nurturing effect, leaving the hand skin moisturized, smooth and extremely pleasant to the touch. 

Ultra repair Hand Cream contains a deeply moisturizing complex of several oils: hemp, avocado, rosewood essential oil and grapefruit oil, as well as regulating the hydro-lipid layer, shea butter.  

Vitamin E contained in the cream effectively neutralizes water radicals, which are responsible for skin aging. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps in wound healing. Beta-Glucan reduces wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin causing greater resistance to abrasions and cracks in the epidermis, while xylitol contained in the cream protects the skin from irritation and has a beneficial effect on the skin’s microflora and improves its elasticity.  

The optimal composition of the cream, natural oils and a wide spectrum of action make Livioon hand cream the best choice in the fight for beautiful, well-groomed and youthful-looking hands.

Special Treatments.

Daily care of the hand skin is worth supporting with additional moisturizing treatments and healthy habits. Of course, it is usually difficult to find time for them, but already simple habits will allow you to enjoy the effect of smooth and moisturized hands for longer. Remember to wear protective gloves when doing household chores and follow a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and micronutrients needed to stimulate moisturizing and regenerating processes – micronutrients. If you find the time, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – use a hand massage with olive oil, massage natural oils into your hands and avoid sun exposure. Healthy habits are the key to success, and beautiful skin is at your fingertips! 😉

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