February is a special month, not only because it is the shortest, but also because it has been considered the month of lovers for centuries. The pearl in the crown is, of course, Valentine’s Day, and although the tradition of this holiday in Poland has lasted since the 20th century, there is probably not a person who would not celebrate this special holiday. 

The tradition of Valentine’s Day includes shared dinners, going to the cinema, going for a walk and giving small gifts to symbolise affection. And this is where the problem arises: what gift should we choose to honour someone important to us?

It may not be easy to choose a gift, but there are some things that will not only be a pleasant surprise and stay with the recipient for a long time, but will also be a reminder that they are important to someone.

What gift to choose? What might your loved one like? If you have any doubts, be sure to take a look at our ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 


There probably isn’t a person who wouldn’t enjoy a flacon of matching perfume, chosen by their loved one. Fragrance can fire the imagination and stir the deepest layers of our soul. It seduces and inspires, highlights personality and intrigues, and when emotions are hard to describe in words, at this special time, choose a fragrance that speaks for you! 

Livioon’s carefully selected fragrances will allow you to express your respect, emotions and feelings, for women we recommend fragrances 8, 17, 61, 122 and 138 full of captivating fragrance notes. Perfect for older and younger women, shy, sensitive and confident, dreamers and determined women. A gift that cannot fail to please. 

For men, we recommend Livioon fragrances number 75, 87, 96, 109 and 141. Luxurious fragrances with a variety of accords will allow you to choose the perfect one for the man you want to gift. The wide range of Livioon fragrances will satisfy even the most demanding tastes!

Hair products.

How about something for your hair? A unique hair set with argan oil, which is also called the gold of Morocco for a reason, is a perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. The luxurious fragrance and unique packaging of the products will make sure that it will not escape the attention of the recipient. The moisturising shampoo with argan oil will nourish the hair perfectly, while the conditioner from the same series will rebuild damaged ends while giving an intense shine. Give the gold of Morocco to someone who is special to you.

Facial care Set.

A multipurpose facial care set is a foolproof Valentine’s Day gift! It will show your loved one that he or she is important to you, and it will make it easier for him or her to find time for daily care. The unique cosmetic-free cleansing and make-up remover glove will give you the perfect start to your morning or evening skincare routine, while Livioon’s natural, nourishing eye cream, which stimulates the delicate skin around the eyes, will complete it. Give the set to your significant other to tell them how much you care. 

Body care set.

When thinking about choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, consider not only something for the soul, but also for the body! Give your loved one a special Valentine’s Day gift by choosing a Livioon body care set, which includes a body cream and an extremely effective, aromatic and sensorial Livioon body scrub. Sweeten your loved one’s grooming routine! Give a gift that will soothe the senses and pamper the body.

A unique skincare set.

If you still haven’t come up with an idea for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, choose a safe, yet equally interesting option. Give your loved one the Livioon universal set, which consists of a hand and body wash gel with a captivating rhubarb scent and a Livioon regenerating hand cream. Awaken the senses and take care of the skin of the person who is special to you!

What’s more? Flowers and time spent exactly as you like! During this special month, let’s also remember to love ourselves. Celebrating moments and pampering yourself as often as possible! 

Whether you’re planning to buy something for yourself or give a gift to someone important to you, Livioon has prepared a special Valentine’s Day offer, thanks to which you can buy Valentine’s Day sets at promotional prices. Hurry up! The promotion lasts until stocks last or until the 28th of February. 

We take this opportunity to wish you positive emotions, wonderful relationships and the power of positive energy to share with the world. Because what is love if not giving the best of ourselves? 

May your life be full of beautiful, positive feelings!

Have a wonderful month of love!

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