Livioon gift set ideas – magical gifts under the Christmas tree

Cosmetics are one of the most popular Christmas gifts – and whole sets of body care products are especially attractive under the Christmas tree. How to create a set that would make happy even … Santa? It’s easy! Just compose the best Livioon products.

Why are we so eager to give cosmetics to others? Because, in fact, each of us uses them, and thanks to the huge selection, we can easily adjust the gift to individual needs and expectations. So if you are looking for an idea for Christmas gifts, then discover world of Livioon – thanks to our cosmetic sets, this year’s Christmas shopping will become very easy.

A set for everyone!

The most universal gift set that will make everyday life more pleasant for everyone – regardless of age or gender – is a combination of aromatic shower gel with nourishing body lotion. For the most elegant effect, choose cosmetics from the same fragrance line: go for energizing rhubarb, sweet vanilla or enveloping oud. However, nothing prevents you from mixing fragrances with each other and thus creating your own electrifying composition!

Livioon body and hand cleansing gels have an extremely pleasant consistency, but most importantly, they care for the skin already in the shower. Thanks to brown algae extract and hemp oil, they moisturize and nourish even during washing, and this effect is enhanced by body creams with hemp oil. Rich in macadamia butter, soothing bisabolol, firming pullulan and smoothing fruit extract put the finishing touch in everyday care.

A gift that smells of luxury

If you want your Christmas gifts to captivate with their luxurious character, Livioon Intense perfumes are made just for you. Intense, extraordinary, with a long-lasting fragrance, it will please people who like to surround themselves with a sense of prestige.

Choose from 8 perfumes for women and men, and for an even more spectacular effect, add a set of body wash gel and body cream. You can combine them according to a simple key: match the rhubarb set for the fresh fragrances, the heavy ones – oud, and the classic ones – vanilla.

Face cosmetics under the Christmas tree

This gift set will especially appeal to women, but not only – because who said that men can’t take care of their face skin?

Livioon products from the Natural line are simply designed to be combined with each other, so they will be perfect under the Christmas tree. Day cream, night cream and eye cream are a complete set for daily face care. Thanks to active ingredients with proven effects, such as vitamins C, E and A, oligopeptides, pullulan or brown algae, they will be suitable for all skin types that need hydration, revitalization and anti-wrinkle prevention.

By adding a face mask with green clay and an enzyme peeling to the creams, you will give your loved one a home spa as a gift. If you want to satisfy even the most demanding „gift-goers”, be sure to also choose the Face Glove. The effect of smooth, shiny and healthy skin will be literally at your fingertips!

A gift for a hair maniac – and not only

Anyone who likes to have shiny and healthy hair will be delighted with Livioon shampoo and conditioner. Choose them for the Christmas tree depending on your needs: Keratin Complex for damaged, brittle and split-ended hair, and Argan Complex for colored, dry and dull hair.

Carefully selected compositions of our hair products make them soft and smooth, perfectly moisturized and disciplined. Intensive extracts contained in nutrients, including sage, lemon balm, rosemary or nettle extracts will also take care of the scalp. Can you imagine a better cosmetic gift?

Livioon products can’t wait for you to wrap them in beautiful paper and put them under the Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter if you create your own gift set or use our suggestions – satisfaction after unpacking the gifts is guaranteed!

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