The pre-Christmas period has arrived, it’s a time of reflection, long winter evenings, planning Christmas dinner, meetings with family and friends, but it’s also a time when we start thinking about Christmas gifts for our loved ones.  Christmas gifts should be unique and tailored to the character and needs of the person who is to receive them. Bringing a smile to the face of a loved one at this special time, feeling that you have fulfilled the dream of someone you love makes the bar set very high.

To make someone close to you happy, however, you don’t have to climb to the heights of your financial capabilities. Small, but selected and thoughtful gifts for the holidays work just as well as very expensive gifts and bring just as much joy. As every year, practically all brands have in their stationary and online offerings a multitude of diverse proposals. Which one to choose? For many years, perfumes and cosmetics have topped the lists of the most popular Christmas gifts, in our post we will give you a hint on what to choose and for whom, so that the gifts not only fit into the holiday atmosphere, but also bring joy to your loved ones.

Cosmetics with retinol.

Christmas and the New Year that follows is the perfect time to change habits and develop a new routine. An ideal start would be to develop a skin care routine with cosmetics, with retinol, loved by women. The Retilution series is a pearl of modern cosmetology, enclosed in beautiful packaging. The active ingredients contained in them, have a salutary effect on moisturizing, tightening and nourishing the facial skin. In Livioon’s Christmas offer, at an excellent price, you will find Face Cream and Face Serum, the set can also be purchased with a unique face glove, which will complete the care process of even the most demanding skin. The effect of radiant skin enclosed in a small gift for someone special – guaranteed. 

Body care cosmetics.

Are you looking for a cosmetic that is sophisticated and yet universal? A gift that will delight not only the packaging, but also the content of the product? Livioon body care cosmetics are a combination of perfectly selected natural active ingredients, carefully selected fragrance notes and beautiful packaging, which complete the effect of exclusivity of the product. In the Christmas offers prepared by Livioon you will find a set of body and hand wash gel and body cream with a wonderful rhubarb scent at a great price. For comprehensive care, complete the set with Livioon’s renewing body scrub. The gift will be perfect for both a woman and a caring man.

Natural cosmetics for facial skin care. 

Looking for a versatile facial skin care kit? Give a loved one a concentrated formula of natural ingredients encapsulated in Livioon’s Natural cosmetics. The Christmas promotional offer includes a set of eye cream, day cream and night cream, or a natural cleansing set that includes a natural enzyme peeling and a unique green clay mask. By gifting them to a loved one you are saying I love, I care without using words. Sets directly tailored for holiday gifting. 


Nothing conveys our concern for another person more than caring about their health. Want to say „I care about you”, „I love you”, without using unnecessary words? Give a loved one a set of perfectly balanced Livioon dietary supplements. In the Christmas proposal from Livioon you will find the health-saving Vitamin C and the innovative supplement Colostrum Cavalli, which contains in its composition the beneficial colostrum of the Polish horse. A unique set for a unique person.


For years, perfumes have topped the list of holiday gifts we give to loved ones. When choosing fragrances, focus on the tastes and character of the person to whom you want to give a bottle of perfume. In Livioon’s Christmas offer you will find suggestions for both women and men in many notes and fragrance accords. Are you looking for something fresh? Or maybe a sweet one? Is the recipient temperamental? Or maybe romantic? In Livioon’s Christmas offer you will find a fragrance tailored to every taste. In Livioon’s Christmas offer you will find perfumes: 1, 112, 115, 132, 139 for women and perfumes: 71, 74, 88, 90, 113 for men.

Finding the perfect gift for both women and men can be a challenge… The gift must be practical, effective, and preferably universal. Body care cosmetics? A cream or face mask? Or maybe a new fragrance, perfectly matched to the preferences and character of a loved one? With us you will find the right gift for everyone. When choosing a Christmas gift for a loved one, remember that it will not only be an addition to the holiday atmosphere, but through it will evoke memories of this special time every time the loved one reaches for it. We hope you found our guide to the perfect Christmas gifts in Livioon’s excellent offerings helpful and that with Livioon you will make someone you really care about happy. 

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