Małgorzata Kołodyńska

Małgorzata Kołodyńska is a woman who is not afraid to undertake new challenges, for which constant transgression is the functional basis in both, pr...

Jak dbać o skórę twarzy wiosną

Wiosna – cieplejszy wieje wiatr. Wiosna – znów nam ubyło lat… Zaraz, zaraz, nie tak szybko! By rzeczywiście wyglądać wiosną młodo, promiennie i śwież...

How to choose the right face cream?

Almost every woman reaches for it and men use it quite often, too. It’s our daily skincare basis! So face cream – because that’s what we’re talking a...

What does your perfume say about you?

They say that eyes are window to the soul. But you can see as deep through… the gates of scent. Perfumes we choose say a lot about our personality. W...

How to perfectly clean your skin?

If we were to choose the single most important skincare step – it would definitely be cleansing. Without it even expensive cosmetics won’t do their j...

Intensywny rozwój z Livioon Coaching Seminar

Za nami szkolenie z cyklu Livioon Coaching Seminar. 27 stycznia w Hotelu Novotel Centrum w Warszawie spotkało się ponad 250 liderów Livioon! Cel: po...

What causes static in your hair?

You take off your hat and your hair gets… a little crazy? Hair picking up static in winter can be awkward and is certainly a sign that you need to t...

Czarna pasta nagrodzona Hitem Konsumenta!

Drodzy czytelnicy, Miło nam poinformować, że nasza czarna pasta (Black Toothpaste) jako kolejny produkt marki Livioon, została obdarzona zau...

Algae – natural cosmetic for every skin type

The best ways to take care of one’s skin hide in nature. Example? Plants straight from the depth of seas, algae – perfect natural cosmetic for every...

When to start an anti-aging skincare?

Soft, smooth skin is a synonym of youth. But time goes by and skin looses its youthful glow… How to delay signs of againg? When to introduce a...

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