Her motto is: „Take your life in your hands and make your mark on the world”. It’s easy for Beata Morawska to live by these words ever since in the beginning of 2017 she started do actively work with Livioon. Today she is a Gold Manager and a major inspiration for her team.

Before Livioon, she was a company owner. Unfortunately, intense work 7 days a week meant no time and no energy – that’s why, although Beata learnt about Livioon in November 2016, it was not until 3 months later that she gave herself a chance to see its offer and possibilities. But then nothing could stop her! She needed only 4 weeks to jump on 16% level that she received on her very first Livioon Integration.

How this strong start has influenced Beata’s life? Just as strong! Her life took an entirely new shape – she engaged in self-development and believed in herself, she met new, supportive people and now she fulfils her dreams everyday thanks to her work and determination. She’s a Gold Manager and a part of Elite Club Livioon group. Beata gladly shares her knowledge and inspires others to be active, giving her team support that it needs. At the same time, she too is strongly inspired by her “dream team” members – their engagement and help in fulfilling Beata’s new, brave plans are invaluable.

Thanks to her group, Beata finished contest “The dream car” and received luxurious Volvo XC60. Because dreams don’t just happen to fulfil themselves, you fulfil them! And we have a proof.

In Beata’s words:

I’ve worked with Livioon for 2,5 years now. I became a manager in a year and a half.

I would recommend new partners to make a decision right here and right now, because it’s a quantum leap on a way to success. Determination, systematic approach, positive attitude are what take us to the top.

I try to motivate my team through regular, cyclical Monday meetings, having a coffee together or going out to the movies. It strengthens our relations and help us to become one, big Livioon family.

Receiving a car is an amazing experience, especially when our amazing friends and family, who motivate and support us, can be a part of it.

To me, Livioon is a personal growth, a change of mindset, incredible people with whom I make a Livioon family. It’s great prizes, like a car that I’ve received and that made me so happy. I’m still waiting for an abroad trip, I have to do this. Livioon is also more and more ambitious goals and supporting my team members in their ways to promotions and fulfilment.

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